March 25, 2024

Why Visiting Asia Should be on Your To-Do List

Covering 30% of the Earth’s total land area and made up of 48 counties, Asia is filled to the brim with history, amazing delicacies and unique experiences – some that might even take you out of your comfort zone. Visitors are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to things to see and do, whether preferences revolve around culture, adventure, wildlife, or relaxation.

For these reasons, it’s no wonder that the continent is fast-becoming a popular destination for incentive travel. As well as being an inspiring location, it’s great in terms of cost effectiveness too! So, if you’re looking to discover something different for your next trip or event, read on to find out why Asia might just be the answer…

The Culture and Religion

Asia is known for its diversity of people and the richness of its culture. As well as making up 60% of the world population, it’s also where many religions were founded, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Discovering the foundations of religions such as these is intriguing – especially when you can start to map out how and why each is now practiced differently in each country.

The Food

Calling all foodies! Walk through any street in Asia and chances are you’ll start to feel hungry. Many visitors return year after year purely because of the cuisine. From rich coconut curries in Thailand to freshly caught seafood in the East of the continent, there will be something tempting for all taste buds. For the most authentic experience of Asian food, we recommend heading to a colourful and lively street market – popular locations include Angkor Night Market in Cambodia and Jalan Alor in Kula Lumpur.

The Natural Beauty

Modern life can be stressful but luckily Asia is the perfect place to switch off for a week or two. The continent boasts some of the most picturesque and relaxing places on the planet.

Personally, we think the best place to get some respite is in Southeast Asia; from the beaches of Malaysia and Indonesia to the jungles of Northern Thailand, it’s near impossible to avoid revelling in the natural beauty. Once you’re feeling a little more chilled out, you can liven things up with an elephant expedition, jungle zipline or bungee jump! However you choose to immerse yourself in the scenery, we guarantee you’ll have some truly unforgettable moments.

The People

Thailand is known as “the land of smiles” and it’s fair to say that Asia in general is home to some of the friendliest people in the world! Wherever you head, you’ll be greeted by warm smiles and exceptional hospitality, which helps to make experiences even more memorable – whatever it is you get up to.

The Architecture

Home to some of the oldest communities in the world, Asia’s ancient inhabitants built some amazing pieces of architecture – with many examples dating back to 5,000 BC. Thanks to the continent’s sheer number of ethnic groups, there’s a plethora of architecture to see, from various historical periods; a few examples include intricate dragon carvings in China, Mongolian yurts and even mountain monasteries in Tibet.

Asia’s modern architecture deserves a mention too – especially seeing as by 2020, China alone will be home to 21 of the world’s 50 tallest skyscrapers! It’s definitely worth taking the time to see some of the impressive city skylines if you can, especially at night. A few our favourites include Kuala Lumpur’s, Bangkok’s and Doha’s, but many others offer great photo opportunities too.

Time to Discover Something Different?

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s certainly food for thought – and hints at some of the amazing experiences that Asia can offer. Wondering how we know? We’ve planned and delivered numerous trips for a range of clients, with each having been impressed with the varied itineraries that the continent made possible.

Whatever the motivations behind your next business trip, choosing Asia is the first step to achieving your goals. The next step is working with our dedicated team of travel and event experts, who will ensure you host a wow-factor trip to remember (and one that you can enjoy yourself too).

If that all sounds pretty appealing and you’re already imagining lying on a Sri Lankan beach, why not get in touch?

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