January 28, 2024

Great Ideas for Your US Incentive Trip

When it comes to incentive travel, heading across the pond can really widen your horizons. From cosmopolitan cities to scenic coastlines, the US has it all – so we thought we’d offer up some destination inspiration for 6 different locations…

New York

Visited by an estimated 65 million tourists every year, we probably don’t need to remind you about the draws of the “Big Apple”. However, we can suggest something special to add to your to-do list – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Held in November ever year, it is one of the world’s largest spectacles of its kind. Starting back in 1924, it features huge balloons and floats, live music, marching bands, cheerleaders and Broadway performances – all with the aim of entertaining crowds (3.5 million spectators to be exact) and celebrating the festive period.


Picture Miami and it probably involves driving down a coastal road lined with palm trees. Whilst this is possible (and pretty enjoyable we must say) Miami’s Everglades National Park offers a slightly more unique experience.

A 1.5-million-acre natural habitat, the Everglades are an environmentalist’s dream. Around every corner you’ll find protected species – you might even stumble across an alligator. You can really make the most of the wildlife by embarking on a safari tour; as well as taking you to “Gator Island”, if you’re lucky enough to go at dusk, you might witness a beautiful sunset over South Florida.

As well as the scenery, you can make a visit to protected reserves that are still home to indigenous people. The Miccosukee Village is a great example of this; here you can watch demonstrations on alligator handling, try your hand at basket weaving, and learn about the area’s history from those that know it best.

Los Angeles

Whether they like to admit it or not, most people love a bit of Hollywood gossip – or at least the odd film created there! With that in mind, LA is a great location, whatever the range of ages and tastes on your trip. Even if you and your guests just stop to gawp at the impressive multi-million-dollar mansions, the region seems like a surreal dream (and one a world away from daily office life).

To make the most of a visit there, we suggest joining a movie set tour. To take it one step further, you could even host a wow-factor gala dinner at Universal Studios, which is available to hire. Once you’ve had your fill of Hollywood glamour, you could finish your jam-packed trip with a ride on either the iconic Ferris wheel or carousel on Santa Monica pier. Whatever you get up to in the area, chances are you’ll want to put off coming home!

San Francisco & Napa Valley

Get your fix of culture and history in one of California’s most populous cities. As well as staring in awe at the Golden Gate Bridge, you could spend a day learning about the famous inmates at Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, which sits on an island in San Francisco Bay.  More than just the prison, the island is also rich in other history – it’s even home to the Pacific’s first ever lighthouse.

Once you’re filled to the brim with knowledge of the past, you might want to relax with a vineyard tour in The Napa Valley wine region. You could even hop on ‘The Napa Valley Wine Train’, which offers incredible views of the landscape whilst evoking the spirit of luxury rail travel back in the early 20th century.


From quaint fishing villages and whale watching to drive-in cinemas and harbourside cocktail bars, Massachusetts’ Cape Cod has something for everyone – so it’s perhaps no wonder that the peninsula and nearby islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard have increasing visitor numbers year after year.  As well as beautiful coastal scenery, there are plenty of leisure activities to choose from; we’d recommend testing yourself on one of the acclaimed golf courses or paddling away on a sunset kayaking tour.

As well as Cape Cod, heading into Boston’s mainland is worthwhile too – especially for any budding historians! As one of the oldest cities in America, it is rich in military and political history. There’s even the infamous 2.5-mile Freedom Trail that takes you past the most famous sites, many of which were pivotal in the American Revolution.

Las Vegas

A must for anyone with a bucket list, or without one for that matter, Las Vegas perfectly combines natural and human landscapes. One minute you may be driving through the desert and visiting Red Rock Canyon, but within half an hour you could be trying your hand at the poker table.

As well as taking in the sights of the main Vegas trip, if you really want to have a visit to remember, we suggest flying over The Grand Canyon via helicopter, hiring some Harley Davidsons and kicking back at a pool party – in whatever order you see fit of course!

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