Masai Mara, Kenya

100 guests, a client in the Painting and Decorating sector

4 nights, February 2017

Accommodation at the Fairmont Masai Mara, a luxury safari resort surrounded by the Mara river. Following an overnight flight to Nairobi and transfer into Masai Mara by a private 10-seater plane. Guests were greeted by welcome drinks and a traditional Masai dance from a local tribe. This was followed by a jeep transfer to the hotel, which doubled up as a short game safari. Day 2 and a game drive (4 x 4 safari) in the morning and afternoon. The evening’s events consisted of a drinks reception and bush dinner, where guests could appreciate the amazing sunset. Day 3 and more game drives in the morning and afternoon.

As the client specialised in decorating materials, prior to the trip the Incentivise team contacted the local village to see if they needed any paint for the school – which they did. The team therefore organised a paint delivery for the day and armed with overalls and brushes, guests helped to paint the school. Whilst painting the school, the guests noticed the foundations of an unfinished classroom. Finding out that the school had run out of funds to complete the building stage, the host client promised to double any money that their guests donated (fundraising that continued after the trip ended). The result? Enough money was raised to enable the school to complete the brand-new classroom.