Conference Europe

The luxurious setting of the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, combined with the stunning backdrop of the Adriatic Sea, created an inspiring environment for the conference and celebration.


  • Conference to celebrate company 60th anniversary.
  • Overseas conference in Europe.
  • 300 delegates for two days of conference sessions, networking opportunities.
  • WOW factor gala dinner with diamond theme for 60 years.




The 60th anniversary overseas conference in Dubrovnik promised to be memorable and inspiring for all 300 delegates, and it didn’t disappoint.

From informative conference sessions to networking opportunities and a spectacular gala dinner, the event celebrated the company’s achievements and set the stage for continued success in the years to come.

Venue Selection:

The conference was hosted at the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, a luxurious resort overlooking the Adriatic Sea, offering state-of-the-art conference facilities and stunning views of the coastline.

Conference Agenda:

The conference span for two days and feature a series of supplier presentations along with an update from the corporation themselves, along with panel discussions and a Q&A with box microphone.

Delegates had the opportunity to participate in one-to-one meetings during the afternoons, fostering networking and collaboration.

Gala Dinner:

The Diamond themed Gala Dinner to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary symbolized the company’s enduring brilliance and success over the past six decades.

Entertainment included performances by dancers, singers, and acrobatic displays, adding excitement and energy to the celebration.

After Party:

Following the gala dinner, delegates were invited to a private club within the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik to continue the celebration into the night.