Loyalty Schemes

Picture your favourite game show. Chances are, when asked what the winners will do with the money, it will revolve around travel or a great experience.

If you’re looking to do more than just say “thank you” to your customers or team members, a targets-based reward programme is the perfect solution.

Why? As whether it’s a few nights away or a fun-filled day out, trips and experiences (especially those planned by event experts) are a great motivator, meaning you can reward loyalty, improve your brand image and maximise sales – all without lifting a finger.

By driving profit, the rewards pay for themselves. Plus, the more people that register, the more events that can take place, and therefore the more money your business makes! Put simply, a rewards promotion creates a positive cycle that is great news for you, your customers or staff, and your wider business aims.

Theatre Auditorium Edinburgh at Sunset

After we’ve taken the time to get to know your business goals and budget, we’ll suggest a range of ideas for different tiers of the reward scheme (or just a single tier if you prefer). Popular options include a mini-break in Edinburgh, a day at Alton Towers, a supercar driving experience and a trip to a London theatre or aquarium. Something for everyone!

Once you’re happy with the event options, we can make a start on inviting customers to register. It’s then up to them to do the hard work and qualify for their chosen rewards. After a set amount of time (usually four-six months), we’ll check the figures and who has achieved, and then fulfil the rewards with our events management know-how.

Aquarium Shark Tank Race Track

A rewards package that will capture your customers’ imaginations. Some ideas from previous events:

Whether sporty or relaxing, for couples or families, we offer a range of event options – to cater for different tastes and to motivate as many people as possible.

Our sector experience enables us to plan chartered experiences that wouldn’t be possible for individuals outside of the promotions.

With targets based on a 20% spend increase from the previous year, our rewards are perfect for inspiring a variety of customers and not just the high spenders.

Our creative team will produce bespoke brochures that align with your brand and explain the loyalty scheme – making it accessible to all.

We’ll also create a unique website so those who are registered can keep track of their targets and we can check (and chase) those who haven’t signed up!

Whether it’s a group or individuals-based reward (which will depend on achieving numbers), we’ll be there on the day if you need us – leaving you to socialise with guests and to enjoy yourself.

A loyalty scheme is a great opportunity for you to inspire your customers or team, retain loyalty and drive revenue – but don’t just take our word for it. Many clients return to us each year to plan and deliver their promotions all thanks to the trust and successful relationships we’ve built up over time. Let us know about your business goals and we guarantee we’ll tailor a loyalty package to match.