Corporate Travel

Whether it’s last-minute or months in advance, it can be a lot of pressure trying to book a flight, hotel or transfer – and so cue our corporate travel team…

A bit like it says on the tin, we offer all the necessities that might arise for your next corporate trip. Whether this involves travelling, eating, sleeping or working, we’ll provide the most cost-effective solutions.

Borne out of a desire to cut out the middleman when it came to booking flights, our corporate travel experts can now pass on this efficiency (and money saving) to our clients.

Travellers With Luggage Departures Board

More than just organised (although every member of the team really does have a very clean desk) we are proud of our embodied knowledge. Gained through years of experience, it means we offer greater flexibility than larger companies.

Just take the example of a hotel booking. Whereas another travel company might simply say a hotel is full, our experts know how to dig deeper and find last-minute rooms or alternatives. Combine this experience and flexibility with a personal service and it’s clear to see why we’re a team to rely on.

Hotel at Night Waiting for Boarding

Mastering the ins and outs of corporate travel


We’ve been the go-to choice for returning clients over the years.


We always aim to work with a 2-hour lead time for all queries.


We’re IATA and ATOL protected: accreditations that speak for themselves.


We’ll work within your company’s procedures – including offering consolidated invoices.


We’re a small but experienced team where everyone is trained to use specific travel systems.


We’ll always be open and transparent on fees.

In need of a hotel or last-minute transfer from the airport? The admin surrounding corporate travel can seem daunting, so why not let us take it off your hands? Save money and give yourself the headspace to focus on what’s important – all it takes is a quick chat or email.